Optometrists – AOP insight: equality, diversity and inclusion

Optometrists - AOP insight: equality, diversity, and inclusion - Flame Health Blog

An interesting article for all of you Optometrists out there that we wanted to share today. Serena Box, PR and media manager for the AOP, on the 100% Respect campaign and building inclusive workplaces.

Communications: Serena Box, PR and media manager

What is the AOP’s 100% Respect campaign? What led to its development?

Optometrists and every member of the optical team should be able to do their job without having to face or worry about discrimination at work. But sadly, we hear personal accounts of abuse from practitioners that are deeply troubling and must be addressed.

We launched our 100% Respect campaign in March as part of an ongoing programme of work to unite optometry against discrimination.

We believe in long term action that will support behavioural and cultural change through our guidance, employment services and campaigning.

Could you summarise what the AOP found in researching this area, speaking to councillors and members?

Our survey looking at the experiences of our members around equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) revealed a shocking number of incidents – with one in four optometrists saying they had either experienced or witnessed discrimination at work in the last two years.

What to do next:

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Optometrists Optometrists - AOP insight: equality, diversity and inclusion

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