Dentistry - Looking back at the last 25 years as a dentist and a mentor

Ewa Rozwadowska shares how she got into dentistry, her role as a dental mentor and her most defining moments over the last 25 years of her career.

How did you get into dentistry? What’s your story?

I loved biology at school and wanted a biology degree and thought I’d want to do something that’s actually going to give me a job at the end of it, so not just biology itself.

Looking at the careers book and somebody said, ‘Oh, how about doing dentistry?’, and I went, ‘Ugh, looking down people’s mouths for the rest of my life!’.

And the more I looked at it, the more I saw that it was working with your hands, it was working with people and as academic as you want it to be. And I have absolutely loved it. If I had my choice again, I would do the same.

You were practice owner at 24 – did you take a lot away from that experience?

Very much so. And every day in dentistry is an experience because you have to do the practice ownership. Also, you have to do the business side, and you have to be a dentist, you have to be a coach, and a mentor to your staff. So there are so many aspects of that which are really hard to balance up. But we do get the balance. It’s great.

And I think I found a really, really good mentor to help me in my practice and in my dentistry as well. And actually that’s who I model myself on. My mentor was a dentist called John Pollard who used to work with Kevin Lewis in his coaching and mentoring business that they used to have at that point.

They actually saw me through a very difficult time from a business point of view. Where I was being threatened with bankruptcy. And they saw me through that and at the end of six months said, ‘Right. You know what to do’, and I just burst into tears. So he looked after me after that for many years.

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Dentistry Dentistry - Looking back at the last 25 years as a dentist and a mentor

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