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Eye health coalition gains new members

Eye health coalition gains new members. The AOP and Royal College of Ophthalmologists have joined The Eyes Have It partnership.

The AOP and Royal College of Ophthalmologists have joined a partnership. This partnership aims to raise awareness of the importance of eye health.

The Eyes Have It partnership was established in July 2021 by Fight for Sight. The coalition aims to raise awareness of issues. Such as delayed referrals, service capacity, a shortage of clinical specialists, the emotional impact of delays to treatment, and the burden of treatment for patients with sight loss

The Eyes Have It is calling for a series of recommendations to be implemented. This includes appointing a national director for eye care, and developing a national strategy for eye care. With a focus on alleviating pressure on hospital eye services. As well as enabling direct referrals from optometry to ophthalmology.

Director of policy at the AOP, Carolyn Rushton, described joining the partnership as an “honour.”

“We are excited to be part of a group that is prioritising the importance of good eye health and timely treatment for those who need it,” she said.

Chief executive of the AOP, Adam Sampson, said optometrists have a proven track record of providing services that mean patients get access to the care and treatment they deserve.

“This was demonstrated none more so throughout the pandemic when our members played a vital role in reducing waiting list times for all NHS patients who needed eye care and the pressure on hospital eye departments. But investment in the eye care workforce and infrastructure is a key priority to ensure timely access to treatment and better outcomes for patients,” he emphasised.

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Eye health Eye health coalition gains new members

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