Good Oral Health is like ABC!

Flame Health Dentistry are happy to hear that The British Dental Health Foundation is looking to educate the public on good oral health.
This is occurring after scientists discovered severe gum disease could be linked to an increased risk of head and neck cancer cases caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).
The study found patients with HPV-positive tumours had significantly higher bone loss, a key factor in the development of severe gum disease, compared with patients with HPV-negative tumours.
Other risk factors for developing the disease include tobacco use, drinking to excess and poor diet.
The significance of the research is compounded by the fact more teeth are lost through periodontal (gum) disease than through tooth decay.
David Holden, Divisional Partner at Flame Health Dentistry comments,
"The British Dental Health Foundation are doing a great job of educating people about good oral health. Lives could be saved if people understand the basics of oral cancer and how best to avoid gum disease."

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