Pharmaceutical Companies to Invest at Least €1bn in Russia – March 2011

Because of Pharma 2020 programme regulations, designed to support local production, an increasing number of pharmaceutical companies are deciding to open their production facilities in the country. The total amount invested by pharmaceutical manufacturers in Russia could reach at least €1bn, according to estimates included in our latest report entitled "Generic and innovative drugs market in Russia and Ukraine 2011".
In October 2010 the Government of the Russian Federation approved the Pharma 2020 programme. Its main goal is to overcome the existing technical, scientific, technological and industrial backwardness of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, to reduce dependence on raw materials from foreign suppliers and to create a technological basis for the transition of the pharmaceutical industry toward innovative models of development. Under the programme, domestic production will account for 50% of all medicines available on the Russian market in 2020, in stark contrast to the current 20-25%.
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