Optical Treatments – Can We Prevent Short Sightedness?

Scientists at King College London have pin pointed one of the genes which is responsible for myopia (short sightedness) after a 12 year study.
Lead author of this study Dr Hysi said “We have known for many years that the most important risk factor for being short sighted is having parents who are short sighted. For the first time we are identifying genes that may be involved in passing on this susceptibility. By identifying biological pathways causing myopia, we hope to be able to develop treatments in the future that will prevent, or stop myopia progressing”
However, development of medicines such as eye drops to treat the condition may not be readily available as some may want. Rigorous testing is still required to explore possible side effects.
Flame Health are keen to see the development of this early study. We will be keeping the Blog updated on this study.  Watch this space.

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