Hypoglycaemia Campaigns and Pharmacist advice

Flame Health Pharmacy are keen to know if there are pharmacists out there who are running the hypoglycaemic campaign within their pharmacy.
This campaign is designed to raise awareness about hypoglycaemia and how it can be managed in patients with type 2 diabetes. It also gives patients advice on what to do to reduce their risk of it, including seeking help from their GP or local pharmacist.
Flame Health Pharmacy are also keen to hear from pharmacists on whether patients are visiting pharmacies over their GP surgery for help and advice, not just with hypoglycaemia but with other minor aliments as well.
Visits to the GP for minor ailments add up to 57 million consultations a year. But by visiting your pharmacy instead, patients could save time and trouble.
It seems commonplace to visit a pharmacist for a minor aliment, for example a cough. As a pharmacist do you advise patients on such things? It seems a convenient thing to do as unlike a GP surgery, pharmacies are open evenings and on weekends.
Please let Flame Health know if you are seeing an increase in patients to your pharmacy.

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