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Our previous poll asked the question: What would most make you consider relocating? Would it be the benefits package, the location, the salary or career progression.
You voted in your hundreds and as you can see just over half of you (51%) would relocate for career progression. It is great to see that there are many career driven people out there! 22% would relocate due to location and why not? There are so many beautiful areas within the UK, so why not live and work in them! 16% voted for salary and 11% for the benefits package.
If you are thinking about relocating and would like to discuss potential opportunities with us then get in contact today. Our Partners are in contact with several clients who are open to discussions about relocating. They want the best calibre of candidate, who want to progress within their careers and will offer excellent remuneration packages to help you relocate to an area that you want to live in.
Speak to a Partner today.

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