"The role of online branding" Flame Health speaks exclusively to Exec Appointments.com

Scott Liversidge, managing partner at Flame Health has spoken exclusively to Exec-Appointments.com. A global executive-level job board for positions in the private and public sectors. They asked Scott his thoughts with regards to online branding within Flame Health. Scott mentions,
“We get a better response talking to people in groups, forums and blogs. But it’s a multi-pronged approach. Often we’ll sense that we’re getting the trend and then something will come along that totally bucks it.”
“And with 2,000 job-seekers approaching Flame Health each month, there is ever more pressure for professionals to enhance their personal brand. This year, the recruitment consultancy has moved all its recruiting online. Using the growing power of the web, certain sectors now channel their efforts into specific online forums. Clinical research and pharmaceuticals, for example, have become synonymous with LinkedIn. So, for job-seekers, an element of research into sectors’ preferred sites is important.”
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