NHS dentistry isn’t working, BDA warns Conservatives

NHS dentistry isn’t working, BDA warns Conservatives

NHS dentistry isn’t working, BDA warns Conservatives

The British Dental Association (BDA) took to the Conservative Party Conference today. In order to stress the ‘ailing’ state of NHS dentistry to the delegates.

Taking place in Manchester, the BDA stood outside the conference with a poster. Which recreated the Conservative Party’s iconic ‘Labour isn’t working’ poster into ‘NHS dentistry isn’t working’.

With the government yet to honour pledges for an NHS dentistry rescue plan. The BDA took to the conference to spread the message about the need to restore NHS dentistry.

This comes after Rishi Sunak pledged to restore NHS dentistry if he became Prime Minister during last summer’s leadership race. In an attempt to alleviate the ‘unprecedented pressure’ dentistry is under. So far, no action to do so has taken place.

This year’s Conservative Party Conference, termed #CPC23, follows reports of daily queues from 4am in Leigh, Greater Manchester. Outside a dental practice which is offering appointments to NHS patients on a first-come-first-served basis.

On X, the BDA posted: ‘@RishiSunak pledged to “restore” NHS dentistry when he ran for the top job. But there’s no sign of the change we need to ensure this service has a future. Around the corner from #CPC23 patients have queued from 4am for an appointment. NHS Dentistry needs a rescue plan.’

Giving up hope

Eddie Crouch, BDA chair, said: ‘While Ministers drag their heels on a rescue plan, patients are queuing from the crack of dawn and many dentists are giving up hope of change.

‘Rishi Sunak ran for the top job with a promise to “restore” NHS dentistry, and so far that promise is being broken.

NHS dentistry NHS dentistry isn’t working, BDA warns Conservatives

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