Pharmacies need help from supply chain, says NPA board member

Pharmacies need help from supply chain, says NPA board member

National Pharmacy Association board member Sanjeev Panesar has urged wholesalers and manufacturers to work together to ensure pharmacies are given accurate stock information and immediately alerted if any problems with supply arise.

Panesar told the Healthcare Distribution Association’s conference in London last week that pharmacies already stretched to the limit by the rising price of medicines and inadequate funding are having to deal with "turbulence in the supply chain," leading them to spend significant time chasing suppliers when they could be serving patients. The HDA represents pharmaceutical wholesalers.

"Operationally, we have lots of time-robbing activities that financially affect our businesses and clinically affect the care we give to our patients," he said, insisting the issue of shortages was "highlighted more perfectly than ever before" when antibiotics reportedly went short towards the end of last year.

"As extreme as this shortage was, this issue is something we’ve been experiencing for many, many years, with now more than 200 commonly prescribed medicines in short supply. For years, community pharmacies have spent endless hours trying to source medicines for patients that are in short supply.

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Pharmacies Pharmacies need help from supply chain

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