Dentists – Are dentists really ‘growing more optimistic’ over NHS contract reforms?

Dentists - Are dentists really ‘growing more optimistic’ over NHS contract reforms?

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A new report suggest that dentists are ‘growing more optimistic’ over potential NHS contract reforms – while 70% of the dental profession still expect profits to grow this year. But one individual questions how applicable the report’s findings are to the dental profession as a whole.

According to the Lloyds Bank Healthcare Confidence Index, short-term confidence amongst dentists, GPs and pharmacists has declined during 2022.

Despite falling by three points, the smallest drop on any of the professions, dentists’ short-term confidence is the highest at 35.

However, seven in 10 dental professionals expect profits to increase in 2023 while goodwill values remain high.

Dentists growing more optimistic

Martyn Kendrick, head of healthcare banking services, Lloyds Bank, put this down to the profession’s historical resilience.

‘Dentists seem to be growing more optimistic about potential NHS contract reforms too,’ he writes in the report.

‘This is a profession that has always been resilient and entrepreneurial, and I am sure that proffesionals will continue to create growth opportunities through any reform, while also working to achieve the best outcomes for their patients.’

He added: ‘Pressure on margins will be unavoidable in the year ahead, but dentists are agile and adaptable and I’m confident they can come through this testing time in good shape.’

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dentists Are dentists really ‘growing more optimistic’ over NHS contract reforms?

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