Eye care – On stage at 100% Optical: Dry eye in review

Eye care - On stage at 100% Optical: Dry eye in review - Flame Health Blog

Dr Debarun Dutta will be discussing the management of dry eye patients at 100% Optical 2022. OT  found out more.

From clinical decision making, to new materials and social media, 100% Optical 2022 will see a programme of more than 130 engaging education sessions on topics from across optics. Ahead of the event, OT’s Q&A series highlights the key themes from just a few of the sessions that will take place during the show. The full series, along with further 100% Optical articles can be found here.

What: Peer review: Managing dry eye patients – understanding key aspects
Where: Optical Academy
When: 23 April 12:00 – 13:00pm
Who: Dr Debarun Dutta, Aston University lecturer

Could you summarise what the focus of your session will be at 100% Optical?

The focus of the session will be a comprehensive understanding of dry eye disease (DED) treatment and management options. The session will discuss the differential diagnosis and treatment options for varying types of dry eye and how we diagnose the different, and perhaps the overlapping, types of dry eye cases.

What are some of the key messages you wish to highlight around the management and understanding of dry eye?

Early differential diagnosis and a long treatment and management plan is the key. Research in the area is progressing fast: stay informed and stay connected for novel treatments. With an aging UK population, we will see more dry eye patients than ever before.

You can read the full article on the Optometry Today website, by clicking here

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Eye care Eye care - On stage at 100% Optical: Dry eye in review

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