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We are now offering a bespoke survey service, further expanding our range of marketing services! Surveys are a fantastic way to get feedback from your audience or potential customers and now Flame Connect is becoming your one-stop shop for all your marketing needs. We specifically target your audience to get you the insights that you need, contact Flame Connect today for more information today

What does this mean?

Well, Surveys provide a way for your audience to interact with your content whilst also providing you with useful insight. Customers love being able to interact with a company and provide feedback and opinions and other than a poll, surveys are the best way to do that. We can create eye-catching and intuitive surveys they are on-brand with your company image. Getting your customer's interaction has never been easier! We can create specific and limited surveys that really allow you to collect specific data from a segmented group.

What insights do Surveys provide?

Surveys can provide an incredible amount of insight into your customer's thoughts and opinions. Through surveys, you can find out things like what your customer's preference is to receive alerts e.g. social media, emails, letters, etc. This in turn allows you to know where resources should be allocated. If 100 people were to complete your 30-second survey and 90% say they would like alerts by email, then time and resources can be better allocated to that specific area as opposed to wasting them on letters or phone calls/SMS! We also specialize in creating the right audience to send your survey too, we are able to quickly and efficiently create a large list of recipients that are going to provide you with the right results and insights. Thanks to our large database that we have at our disposal, that stands at over 100,000 medical professionals and rapidly growing, allows us to segment the different medical professions and their location/region. This means we can also build international lists to allow our surveys to reach people all over the world to find out what different audiences think of your products/services.

Understanding your customers

Surveys allow you to better understand your customer base. With a well-made Survey, you can find your customer base profession, region, preferred alert system, most used social media platform. It can also be used for more specific purposes, such as if they are happy with your customer service, your prices, or product range. That's why the Flame Connect survey service can be so useful to your company. Online surveys are convenient and cost-effective: what’s not to like about using online surveys to find out more information about your customers and get the feedback you need on your products and services?

Moreover, we work closely with you to find out your business objectives and then design Surveys to help achieve them. Click here to message us about this service today!

Updates and Information

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Flame Connect: Connecting People and Product

Finally, our new web page is now up and running and we are very excited about it! We have been working hard on getting our website to where we want it to be for several months now. As well as an in-depth look as too who we are and what we have to offer. It is also a taster of the exceptional web design service that we now provide. Click here to visit our website today!

Other ways to connect with us

Why not check out the Flame Connect Healthcare Marketing Twitter page: here
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