What do you look for when trying to recruit for the 'perfect' employee?

FH - Quality - Correct Image -Here at Flame Health, we understand that finding the perfect candidate for your vacancy can be difficult. If the recruitment process is conducted carefully and thoroughly, employees can be a company’s greatest asset, but mistakes can be costly. So how can you make the perfect staff selection?
So what are the golden rules for staff selection? Employers need to be clear about the role and its parameters, thoroughly screen CV’s when they arrive, prepare for interviews, sell the opportunity and always be honest with the candidates. It is also important to take time to reflect on the interviews before making a decision.
Being clear about the role can be achieved by writing a concise job specification; be sure to include everything which might be expected of the candidate to avoid any grey areas. It is also important to understand the key selling points of the role, from flexible hours to future career potential and opportunities. Flame Health use a comprehensive vacancy order process, which can be done either by telephone or face-to-face, which is designed to understand the requirements of our client in detail, taking into account the company’s culture and background as well as the requirements of the role. This ensures that only suitable candidates are put forward to the position.
When it comes to candidates CV selection and profiling, look out for obvious gaps in employment which might require an explanation. As well as this, be careful to double check all appropriate qualifications. Having a clear agenda before an interview can help to ensure the meeting is structured and professional and that you avoid straying off course. Plan what questions you are going to ask and arrange them in a logical order. Make sure you, as an employer, get the most out of the opportunity and don’t miss any important questions.
There are also some common mistakes to avoid when it comes to recruitment. Never rush the recruitment process. Although it may seem like a lot of work, if the necessary time is not spent understanding your requirements as an employer and what is expected of candidates, this will usually result in inappropriate and unsuccessful hires, which could mean starting the recruitment process all over again much sooner than you’d hoped!
This is where a professional recruitment consultancy can really make the difference. With a company like Flame Health, candidates have already been previously screened and rejected if our consultants don’t feel they can meet our clients’ requirements. Because our teams are experienced recruitment professionals, we have an excellent understanding if something isn’t right. Candidates who give evasive answers, incorrect details or those who delay decisions as an exercise in generating a pay rise from current employers are all effectively filtered out, leaving the more genuine applicants. Levels of experience are judged, core skills analysed and the ‘cultural fit’ of the candidate with the company is assessed.
A CV and an interview are a candidate’s two opportunities to impress an employer, but they are also extremely valuable tools for the employer to find out everything they need to know about a candidate, and whether they would be the right fit for the business. Remember that an interview is also an employer’s opportunity to sell their business as a great place to work, so be prepared to answer any questions the interviewee might have. The best candidates are able to pick and choose from the best positions, so bear in mind that the interview is a two-way process in order to attract the best talent.
Engaging with a professional recruitment consultancy can make a huge difference when looking for the best talent in the marketplace. At Flame Health, a large amount of time is spent understanding the job specification, culture and ethos of the business, candidate outline and skill sets for every vacancy so that we can find the best candidate for the job.
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