Interesting Optical Studies

Flame Health Optometry are shocked to read that heavy caffeinated coffee consumption can be associated with an increased risk of developing glaucoma.
Researchers found that men and women who drank three or more cups of coffee per day were at a 66% higher risk of developing pseudoexfoliation glaucoma, or suspected pseudoexfoliation glaucoma than their non-coffee drinking counterparts.
However, no association was found between consumption of other caffeinated products, such as fizzy drinks, tea, chocolate, or decaffeinated coffee, and risk of developing the syndrome.
Another study has also found that elderly people with high cholesterol could reduce their risk of developing glaucoma by taking a daily statin.
The study, published in Ophthalmology, found that the risk of developing glaucoma was 8% lower among elderly individuals who took statins for at least two years, compared with those who did not take them.
Furthermore, for every additional month of statin exposure, the risk of progressing from a diagnosis of glaucoma suspect to open-angle glaucoma decreased by 0.4%.

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