Relocating Pharmacist & Pharmacy Manager Opportunities

If you are currently working as a Pharmacist or a Pharmacy Manager and are thinking of relocating within the UK, Flame Health Pharmacy is ideally placed to provide relocation assistance.
Our range of nationwide Pharmacy clients can provide you with a wide range of relocation benefits to help with your move. They range from relocation allowances, location supplements, assistance with accommodation, travel allowances, flexible working options and guidance on more bespoke packages depending on your situation.
My Flame Health is keen to understand the reasons why you would consider relocating. Our current poll is still live and we would like to hear your answer. Would it be a benefits package, the location, the salary, or for career progression? This poll is ending soon so My Flame Health are keen to understand your perspective! Vote today!
If you would like to speak to Flame Health Pharmacy about relocation assistance then get in contact today.

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