Statistician and SAS Programmer Update

It seems to be an exiting time right now for Statistician and SAS Programmer opportunities. Flame Pharma now have vacancies for both experienced Statisticians and SAS Programmers in numerous locations throughout the UK from down in Hampshire to up in Glasgow.
If you have proven experience within either of these roles in a CRO or Pharmaceutical company and would like the security, reassurance and attractive benefits package gained from a permanent role, please get in touch.
We are looking for candidates with not only the right experience and educational background but with the right personality to boot. We are looking for people that  are passionate about their work, and want to apply and develop their skills. We are looking for motivated and enthusiastic team players. Please get in touch if you think that this sounds very familiar to you. We want to hear from you if this is just what you are looking for too.

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