Can the council combat tooth decay?

According to Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, local councils will be able to track health challenges when they take over looking after the health and wellbeing of their residents. Preventing cancer, cutting tooth decay in children and the population weighing less are just some of the challenges.
From April next year, councils will be given a ring-fenced budget – a share of around £5.2 billion based on 2012/13 funding – and will be able to choose how they spend it according to the needs of their population. Those who make the most improvements will be rewarded with a cash incentive.
As one of the challenges is cutting tooth decay in children, we would like to hear from Dentists as to how this could be possibly be achieved. Do you think that local councils should get in contact with the Dental Council and speak to dentists directly? Please let Flame Health know your thoughts.

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