Disappointing Unemployment Figures

This month has shown disappointing figures from the Office for National Statistics. The number of people out of work in the 3 month period up until last November increased to 2.68million.
Scott Liversidge, Managing Partner at Flame Health commented on these figures to Fresh Business Thinking.com:
"It is disappointing that the number of those unemployed has risen to 2.68million, but it is worth baring in mind that the Christmas period is usually a time of change and transition for the jobs market. However, these statistics do not echo the situation we are seeing in our specialist sector, healthcare. There is still a huge demand and indeed requirement for more healthcare professionals in both the private and public sectors. It would seem that more of Britain’s youth and those who are unemployed, should consider gaining the skills and training necessary to work in the healthcare sector, as this appears to be where there is one of the biggest skills gaps in the UK."
To view this article in full please follow the link. Fresh Business Thinking.com 18th January 2012
The roles Flame Health have available are within the Pharmacy, Dentistry and Optometry sectors. The youth of today still have the opportunity to apply for university courses to start their careers at a good time. All of our roles come with fantastic salaries, benefit packages and career progression.

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