Dental Survey Reveals Shocking Results.

The British Dental Health Foundation has commissioned a very interesting survey, supported by Denplan, about the health of school children.
The survey asked children aged 12-16 about their current lifestyles and attitudes towards preventing poor health in the future. Alarmingly the survey showed that 68% admitted to drinking alcohol and 13% to smoking. Even more worryingly, over 6/10 said they were unlikely to change their attitude towards drinking alcohol and exactly half said they would not refrain from smoking. 
The survey was conducted in the run up to Mouth Cancer Action Month. Smoking and alcohol are big risks to mouth cancer. Flame Health are shocked to hear that children as young as 12 are possibly putting their lives at risk at such a young age.
Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter, said: "We should all be concerned that many young people have already developed lifestyles that could put them at risk of poor health in later life. Mouth cancer is one of these risks and we forecast that rates are likely to double within a single generation based on current rates."

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