August Report on Jobs.

Permanent staff placements rose in August, similar to a rate from July, the Report on Jobs published by the REC and KPMG stated.  There was also a strong rise in candidate availability. This is the strongest rise since January 2010. However the number of vacancies available was at a low, the lowest in 9 months.
In terms of salaries, permanent staff salaries increased only marginally and at the slowest pace for 22 months in August.
Kevin Green, the REC's Chief Executive says:
"The latest Report on Jobs from the REC and KPMG highlights the robustness of the UK jobs market. In the face of a slowing economy, falling consumer confidence and high inflation, private sector employers continue to hire staff. The numbers are lower than three months ago but placements continued to rise in August, which was the twenty-fifth consecutive month of growth. “The UK jobs market is being incredibly resilient. Even with increasing job losses in the public sector and a new influx of school-leavers it is performing much better than many predicted."
As a job seeker, what are your thoughts on the August report?
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