Could cognitive therapy overcome dental anxieties?

The British Dental Journal has suggested from research that dental anxieties could be overcome with a single session of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
The authors of the study, based on an initial pilot of 60 patients who relied on having intravenous sedation before they could undergo dental treatment, concluded that the benefits were of such significance that they advise dental providers to implement this approach now rather than wait to pursue further research.
The initial cohort of 60 patients had all attended a specialist dental clinic in Sheffield for people with severe dental phobia. Half the group were offered CBT, with 21 patients accepting the treatment. Twenty of these went on to have dental treatment without having to be sedated. An audit of these patients a decade later found that of the 19 patients located who had had CBT, none had returned to sedation in the intervening 10-year period.  
The latest 10-yearly survey on adult dental health published earlier this year by the NHS Information Centre suggests that as many as 12% of people may experience extreme dental anxiety.
Flame Health thinks that the results of this study are very impressive. We would like to hear from Dentists who want to use cognitive behavioural therapy in their practices. Get in contact today and let Flame Health know your thoughts.

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