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Hi everyone,
Some of you will know and some will not, In September around his 40th Birthday, one of my closet friends Andy Sherwood was unexpectedly diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour and at the time his wife Julie was pregnant with there second child. Julie has since given birth to a beautiful little girl Orla and they have a young boy Francis who is 4.
The last ten months have been horrific for Andy and his family, with Andy suffering a number of epileptic seizures which has reduced his mobility from walking with a stick to now being in a wheelchair, he has also received treatment cycles of radiotherapy and chemotherapy which have helped marginally, but the long term prognosis is uncertain.
This uncertainty has resulted in Andy pursuing alternatives in the US where treatment for this kind of tumour are more advanced. Subsequently, as you can appreciate whilst providing Andy with new found hope there are significant cost implications for this kind of pioneering drug treatment of circa 100K! So in order for this treatment to become reality his friends and family have been extremely busy doing a wide range of fund raising initiatives in order for Andy to be able to undergo this necessary treatment.
On the 5th of August this year, I will be (hopefully) completing the London 2012 Olympic Triathlon Course in Hyde Park. This is an Olympic distance course which is made up of: 1.5K swim in the Serpentine followed by a 40K bike ride and then a10K run!
Andy is a great guy and this has come as such a shock to a vast amount of people and the fund raising efforts have been absolutely phenomenal to date. So for those of you that do know Andy I need say no more, for those of you that don’t I urge you to please give generously and reflect on the impact that this has had not just on Andy, but his wife Julie and children Francis and Orla
Please follow the links to the Sherwood foundation website and facebook page and follow the donation link accordingly.
If you could drop me a quick mail with the amount you have sponsored me that would be greatly appreciated.
The Sherwood Foundation - The Sherwood Foundation on Facebook
I will keep you informed of my efforts and would like to thank you in advance for your support.
Scott Liversidge - 07740921030
[email protected]

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