Can we predict Gum Disease?

A new study that will attempt to use DNA to detect and predict the risk of gum disease has been commissioned in the USA. DNA testing has proved controversial in the UK in recent years.
The University of Michigan’s School of Dentistry, alongside a 3rd party health company will conduct the research over the course of one year and will collect genetic information from around 4,000 people. Should positive results arise from the test, they could prove very important for the preventive care in fighting serious oral health complications.
Dr Nigel Carter, Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation said,
“To have the capability to predict gum disease could go far beyond improving a person’s oral health. At one stage or another in our lives 19/20 of us will have some form of gum disease and as the major cause of tooth loss in adult a preventative measure such as this would go a long way in making sure we keep our teeth for life.”

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