Dentists on the box

A new TV documentary screened on Monday (23 May) promised to lift the lid on the unethical practices of some of the UK's dentists.
As the government's cuts to the NHS start to bite, Sam Lister, The Times' health editor, investigated dentistry, going undercover to reveal how some dentists are misleading patients about their rights to NHS treatment.
The programme claimed it exposed dentists who are waiting until patients are 'lying back in the chair' before telling them they must pay hundreds of pounds for private treatment, which should be available on the NHS.
During the three-month investigation, the programme uncovered evidence of a system that often prevents the patient from getting the right treatment at the right price.
Channel 4 claimed how the programme found some NHS patients were often none the wiser when asked to pay two or three times the amount they should.
Flame Health are keen to hear opinions from Dentists on this programme. Please get in touch.

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