The Importance of Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Flame Pharma recognise the importance of Health Economics and Outcomes Research  as experienced candidates in this area are very much in demand.
Outcomes research has changed the culture of clinical practice and health care research by altering how we assess the end results of health care services. In doing so, it has provided the foundation for measuring the quality of care. Outcomes research is key to knowing not only what quality of care can be achieved, but how it can be achieved.
As a direct result of this, experienced candidates in this sector are required to fill key positions within Outcomes Research, Health Economics, Market Access , Epidemiology and Statistics.
Flame Pharma manages Senior Research Scientist, Market Access and Statistician vacancies for the Clinical Research, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology. Jobs in HEOR primarily focus on the need for pharmaceuticals companies to demonstrate the value of their products in regards to Safety, Effectiveness and Value. Ideally, for the roles we have available, you have a proven background and demonstrable experience in this sector.
If you have a master's degree in Health Economics, Public Health or Statistics combined with good project management skills, as well as excellent communication skills, then we are very interested to hear from you.
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