Overcome Your Dental Fears

A leading dental practice is using acupuncture to calm nerves and relieve pain.
Receiving acupuncture prior to dental treatments is the latest combined offering to be introduced by the practice pioneering in advances in dentistry.
Recent studies in Sheffield and Denmark concluded that acupuncture has a ‘beneficial effect on the levels of unease in patients with dental anxiety’. The study found that just five minutes of acupuncture in the top of the head can cut anxiety levels by more than half.
Jake Gold, a member of the British Acupuncture Council says,
“Acupuncture rebalances the body to positively affect health. The effects can be subtle, giving you a calm relaxed feeling, as it is a natural sedative, while at the same time being able to help with real physical issues. It is virtually safe and can be done on a regular basis.”
Experts at Kings College London have also  pioneered an innovative device that cancels out the noise of the dental drill.
The prototype device works in a similar way to noise cancelling headphones but is designed to deal with the very high pitch of the dental drill. Patients would simply unplug their headphones, plug the device into their MP3 player or mobile phone and then plug the headphones into the dental device, allowing them to listen to their own music, while completely blocking out the noise from the drill. The patient can still hear the dentist and other members of the dental team but the unwanted sounds are filtered out by the device.
This product is not yet available to dental practitioners. Kings College is calling on investors to help bring it to market.

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