Vision Chip Restores Sight

A man with an inherited form of blindness has been able to successfully identify letters and objects using a pioneering implant.
This implant allows a patient to detect objects with their eyes, unlike a rival approach that uses a camera. The chip works by converting light that enters the eye into electrical impulses which are fed into the optic nerve. The initial device was connected to a cable which protruded from the skin behind the ear to connect with a battery. However a new upgrade is being tested to contain the device under the skin.
The team tested the device on 11 people. Some noticed no improvement as their condition was too advanced but a majority were able to pick out bright objects. However it is only when the chip was placed further behind the retina that the best results were established.
This is an amazing breakthrough within the optical field. This has given hope to thousands of people who have lost their sight. Flame Health will be keeping an eye on this ground breaking device.

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