Dental Retention Fees on the Increase

The General Dental Council is increasing the annual retention fee paid by dental professionals.
A set annual retention fee of £576 for dentists and £120 for DCPs has been agreed. £72 has been agreed for the specialist lists.
Chair and dentist, Alison Lockyer says, “We have looked very carefully at what it costs us to regulate dentistry. Costs include keeping our two registers, one for dentistry and one for DCPs, up to date with people joining and leaving. The online registers are updated daily so people checking can be sure they have the latest information. Our strategy commits us to protecting the public, regulating the dental team. It also commits us to ensuring value for money and we will do all we can to continue to use our resources efficiently and effectively.”
Flame Health are keen to speak to dentists who have an opinion on this. Are you unhappy on the price increase or do you feel it is an adequate rise, justified by what Alison Lockyer has said? Please let Flame Health know.

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