Eye health and work: World Sight Day 2023

Eye health and work: World Sight Day 2023

Eye health and work: World Sight Day 2023

Eye Health News UK from the Flame Health blog, looking at World Sight Day 2023. Ahead of the awareness day on 12 October, OT  hears from Peter Holland about this year’s campaign.

Peter Holland is the chief executive of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB). He describes World Sight Day as “the single biggest moment and opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of eye health globally.”

Speaking to OT ahead of the International Awareness Day. That will take place on 12 October, Holland shared details of this year’s theme. Also, goals for the campaign, and how optometrists can get involved.

“What we’re trying to do is reach as many people as possible with messages about how important eye health is, how important it is to look after your eyes, to be aware about the kinds of conditions you might have, and where to get eye care,” Holland explained.

In 2022, the World Sight Day campaign reached more than 500 million people across social media, and this year the IAPB hopes to reach even more.

The 2023 campaign is focused on Love Your Eyes at Work.

Holland said: “It’s an opportunity to engage both employers and employees about how important looking after your eyes in the workplace is. Both in terms of employee wellbeing, health and safety, but also it has real productivity benefits as well.”

World Sight Day: ways to get involved

Pledge sight tests. In 2022, more than six million pledges were made by people committing to have a sight test. Holland said: “This year we’re aiming to reach 10 million pledges.” Eye care professionals can pledge eye tests carried out leading up to World Sight Day 2023.

Host workplace vision screenings. Holland shared: “This year we’re encouraging businesses all over the world to hold vision screenings for their employees.”

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