Pharmacy sector cautiously welcomes post-Brexit NI deal

Pharmacy sector cautiously welcomes post-Brexit NI deal

The National Pharmacy Association has cautiously welcomed the post-Brexit deal on Northern Ireland. Which was struck yesterday between the UK and European Union. Insisting that as far as medicines supply is concerned, the “devil may yet be in the detail.”

A long-running disagreement between the two sides over the impact of the Northern Ireland protocol appears to have ended with the introduction of the Windsor Framework which is designed to overcome trade barriers in the country. The deal could yet be hindered by Tory Brexiteers as well as the Democratic Unionist Party who today said they will not be rushed into coming to a “collective decision” on the Framework.

Nonetheless, the agreement has reduced long-standing anxieties within the UK pharmacy and pharmaceutical sectors about the supply of medicines to community pharmacies in Northern Ireland. Under the Framework, medicines approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency will automatically be available in every pharmacy and hospital in the country.

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