Optometry news and updates – The view from the chair

Optometry news and updates - The view from the chair - Practitioner Stories

Optometry Today visits optometry practices in Glasgow and London for an on-the-ground view of life in practice.

Inside the Mount Florida branch of Munro Optometrists, Frank Munro takes my coat and offers me a cup of tea. There is a Christmas tree nestled in the corner with blue baubles the same colour as the shopfront.

Down the road, past posters that read ‘People make Glasgow,’ a notice in the window of J Lupton Family Butcher gently reminds pedestrians to order their turkey.

Munro tells me that during staff training he encourages new recruits to treat everyone who comes through the practice like a member of their family.

“Never walk past anyone – say hello to them,” Munro shares.

“Show some appreciation for the people who are in the building and you will never go far wrong,” he says.

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Optometry news and updates Optometry news and updates - The view from the chair

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