Dentistry News – Taking stock of a future in NHS dentistry

Dentistry News - Taking stock of a future in NHS dentistry

Dentistry news and updates from the Flame Health blog. Matthew Hadman shares his experiences of engaging with dentists on their opinions around NHS dentistry. As well as assessing whether there has never been a better time to seriously consider practicing in a fully private capacity.

After working through the pandemic, plenty of dentists have taken the time to step back. Take stock, and re-consider their work-life balance and the type of dentistry they really want to deliver.

Many dentists who had been working to deliver NHS dental services or own a practice with an NHS contract in place have used this time to re-evaluate the importance of NHS services in their practice. Whether they wish to remain in the system and how they could look to transition to private dentistry.

Considering the future

Having spoken with a wide range of dentists in the past months, some feel disrespected at the lack of guidance. Or the last-minute announcements from the NHS during the pandemic.

Others have re-discovered their love of dentistry working under reduced activity thresholds for almost two years. Not having to see so many patients to achieve the NHS income allowed dentists to see the benefit in longer appointment times. Building stronger, more meaningful relationships with their patients.

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Dentistry news and updates Dentistry news and updates from the Flame Health blog

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