Pharmacy minister is ‘hugely interested’ in Tariff prices on prescriptions

Pharmacy minister is ‘hugely interested’ in Tariff prices on prescriptions

The MP behind a proposal to get pharmacists and other healthcare providers to show the Drug Tariff value of items dispensed on the patient label has said the pharmacy minister Will Quince is “hugely interested” in the idea.

The Conservative MP Craig Mackinlay told Independent Community Pharmacist that Quince expressed his interest in publishing Tariff prices with prescription medicines after Mackinlay had presented a Ten Minute Rule Bill in Parliament on Tuesday. The Bill is set to be read for a second time on February 3 next year.

Mackinlay told the Commons it would achieve two things. Make patients, particularly older people who receive free prescriptions through exemptions, aware of the value of their medicines. Which would persuade them to actively avoid medicines wastage. Mackinlay also said the Bill would bring transparency “so that we all appreciate what we get for free.”

The Bill has caused concern within community pharmacy because Tariff prices are constantly changing. Pharmacists could become the focus of patients’ anger if they see their medicine costs less than the prescription charge they may have paid.

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Pharmacy Pharmacy minister is ‘hugely interested’ in Tariff prices on prescriptions

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