Dentistry – How preventive dentistry helps support environmental sustainability

How preventive dentistry helps support environmental sustainability

Dentistry News - Dr Davinder Raju, also known as ‘The Eco Dentist’, outlines how preventive dentistry is the foundation of sustainable dentistry.

‘Every time we need to do a patient intervention, the patient has to come into the practice. Which is resource intensive,’ says Dr Davinder Raju. He is the lead dentist at Dove Holistic Dental Centre.

‘We use materials, energy and single-use plastic devices during every appointment. The gold standard of care is prevention. Where patients don’t need any treatment. When disease is present, it’s about early detection and diagnosis. Because we can manage the patient and disease without surgical intervention.

‘The moment we go in with a drill, we create a cavity. As soon as we put in a material, it is never going to be as effective as the material created by biology, and ultimately the filling will fail.

‘This necessitates additional treatment, which requires additional resources. Furthermore, the amount of dentine left that separates the filling from the pulp is critical (the thinner the dentine, the more likely that your patient will have pulp-related problems), with each treatment becoming increasingly significant.’

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dentistry How preventive dentistry helps support environmental sustainability

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