Dental market review – is it positive or negative? – Flame Health Blog

Dental market review – is it positive or negative? - Flame Health Blog

As Christie & Co releases its dental market review, Dentistry speaks to Paul Graham about the outlook for dental practice values.

For those who aren’t aware, can you explain what the dental market review is?

The dental market review is based upon the information that Christie & Co gathered from the market.

It includes our transactional data for the practices that we’re selling, which range from single sites to large portfolios. It also includes our valuation service team, which provides formal RICS valuations.

Both of those two components combined assist with our consultancy team, which provides buy side and sell side due diligence, among many other things.

That created more than 100 million data points for concern. So, the review that we create tries to capture our whole market.

I know that can be difficult at times, but we wanted to focus on the single sites that we’re selling, the larger transactions in the marketplace and also just to see the general sentiment in the marketplace coming from operators, buyers and some of the testimonials from sellers as well.

Reading through the review, it seems positive. What do you think is so attractive about dentistry for investors at the moment?

I think it was definitely off the back of the trends that we’ve seen following the pandemic.

One of those trends that’s emerging is private dentistry – it is absolutely booming, and this is not necessarily because of NHS access issues.

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Dental market review Dental market review – is it positive or negative?

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