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Dentistry – science or art?

For Dr Greg Finn, principal at Finn Dental Specialists in Beckenham and part of the Dentex community. You can’t have art without science – and vice versa.

Is dentistry an art, a science or both? While for the patient, the two may not appear intrinsically linked, for Dr Greg Finn the answer is resoundingly the latter; to achieve high-quality dental care, he believes that elements of both science and art are essential.

As principal at Finn Dental Specialists – with expertise in full-mouth reconstruction, implants and aesthetic issues – Dr Finn’s approach is reflected in his practice’s mantra: ‘Use only the finest materials and techniques. Make it beautiful, make it last and make it painless.’

Artistic eye

Dr Finn has taken an interest in minimally-invasive dentistry since he embarked on a Master’s Degree at UCL’s Eastman Dental Institute. This was also where he first recognised how an artistic eye brought immeasurable benefits to his work.

Discussing a lesson during which he and his peers were building crowns. He describes: ‘The head technician used to say you can teach people all the steps they need to do the crown, but that you cannot teach the art of it.’

Luckily, the creative side came naturally. Dr Finn has been a keen artist since he was a boy and his specialties require artistic elements to achieve optimum results. ‘I do a lot of composite bonding, rebuilding mouths where people have severe tooth surface loss. I rebuild a lot of those by conserving the original tooth structure,’ he describes. ‘I think it helps a lot if you have an eye for the art.

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Dentistry Dentistry – science or art?

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