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Myopia - The challenge

Studies predict that the global prevalence of myopia will rise from 28% of the world’s population to 50% by 2050. Optometrist and AOP clinical director, Dr Peter Hampson, discusses the growing prevalence. Also why it is time to embrace CPD in this field.

If you work in optometry, you’re never too far away from someone uttering the word myopia.

Whether it be the rising numbers – an estimated five billion more people will be myopic by 2050 – or a new treatment in development for managing the condition. Myopia, or more specifically myopia management, is the hot topic – and importantly, it’s here to stay.

And it is no surprise. Amidst predictions of a blurry, short-sighted future comes hope to solve the myopia challenge. Understandably, many optometrists are excited at the prospect of this new area of practice. Relishing the opportunity to help their patients and, furthermore, maybe safeguard them from future pathology linked to myopia.

It is widely recognised that effective and accessible myopia management has the potential to change eye health on a global scale. But as with all emerging treatments, it’s important to acknowledge that no intervention is ever risk-free. There is also an element of learning ‘on the job’ as more research becomes available. We are still in a space where the evidence base continues to grow – gaining a greater understanding of which treatments work best and for which patients.

Myopia management as a journey

While outside the UK, low dose atropine has shown the most promise at effectively slowing the progression of myopia, modified multifocal lenses and orthokeratology, licensed for UK use, continue to present supporting evidence. Myopia management treatment options are rapidly evolving and there is still a lot to learn about the options, as well as the best ways in which to measure success.

At the AOP, we advise that members approach myopia management as a journey. Follow good practice and stay up to date. You should continue to learn about all the treatment options available, not just the one you have chosen for your practice. Professional education throughout your career is key and if myopia management is not on your radar, now is absolutely the right time to seek out CPD opportunities. A good starting point for reading is OT’s Myopia guide.

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