Optometrist launches book to educate children about eye health

Optometrist launches book to educate children about eye health

Optometrist, Jean Kelly, of Eglinton Eyecare in Northern Ireland, has developed an interactive workbook. Aimed at seven- to nine-year-olds.

An interactive book that aims to help optometrists teach children about eye exams. Furthermore, long and short-sightedness, astigmatism, and the importance of sunglasses have been launched.

Jean Kelly, the author is a children's eye care specialist and owner of Eglinton Eyecare in County Derry, Northern Ireland. She hopes that the book, entitled Your Eyes – Eyecare Adventures with Op Tish and Ann, will help eye care professionals deliver workshops to children.

The 48-page book, which is aimed at children aged seven to nine, sees three bears deliver vital eye health messages and eye care advice.

It uses augmented reality to bring the story to life via an app and was launched in partnership with Hoya during November’s Optix Conference.

Kelly said: “Initial feedback from the industry has been so positive.”

Kelly spends time in schools teaching children about eye care. Originally developed an interactive book for her school visits. This was before being approached by other optometrists who were interested in buying copies.

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Optometrist - Eye health Optometrist launches a book to educate children about eye health

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