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Optometrists - PPE provision consultation: optometrists encouraged to share their views

PPE provision consultation: optometrists are encouraged to share their views. The AOP has encouraged members to take part in a DHSC consultation. This asks whether its provision of PPE to health care providers should be extended.

Optometrists are being encouraged to take part in a Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) consultation considering whether it should extend its provision of free personal protective equipment (PPE) to health and care providers beyond March 2022.

The AOP has recommended members take part in the consultation, highlighting that PPE has become an “essential” part of the practice.

The DHSC launched its centralised online PPE portal last year as demand for protective equipment rose in response to the pandemic. As well as, updated infection prevention and control guidelines, leading to supply challenges and rising costs. The Government shared that PPE usage increased “at least three-fold” compared to 2019. This being for all items, and in some categories, “usage in one week during COVID-19 is the same as the total amount used in 2019.”

Health and social care providers across England, including optometrists, pharmacies, and dentists, were invited to register. With the department suggesting approximately 53,000 providers signed up.

Currently, the DHSC has committed to deliver free PPE provision until 31 March 2022.

Launching the consultation, the DHSC said that though provision is due to end in spring. “given current case levels and guidance, we expect PPE usage to remain at COVID-19 levels beyond March 2022 putting significant upward pressure on health and care costs in the next financial year.”

As the department currently has sufficient stock to continue supporting providers through to 2023. If COVID-19 levels of PPE continue to be required from 1 April 2022. Thus the consideration whether to extend the central provision of PPE.

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Optometrists - PPE provision consultation

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