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Optometrists – AOP launches mentoring programme

The programme will support the development of newly-qualified optometrist members by connecting them with professionally experienced AOP members.

The AOP has developed a new mentoring programme for newly-qualified optometrists and dispensing optician members.

Aiming to support members on the newly-qualified membership grade. The AOP suggested the scheme can help mentees to improve their understanding, skills and knowledge. As well as grow in self-confidence and work towards their development and career goals.

Through a dedicated platform on the AOP website, the free AOP Mentoring Programme will pair newly-qualified optometrists with volunteer mentors to receive one-to-one support for a period between three to six months.

Describing what the scheme will provide, Sarah Melzack, AOP membership benefits officer, said: “The new AOP Mentoring Programme is a way for us to connect professionally experienced AOP members with newly-qualified members to help support their development during their first year in practice.”

She continued: “It’s been in the pipeline for some time, however with the difficulties and challenges in practice brought about by the pandemic, we thought launching something like this to help newly-qualified optometrists negotiate a world they were perhaps not quite prepared for, would be a great way to help keep them steady while they find their feet.”

You can read the full article on the Optometry Today website, by clicking here

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AOP launches mentoring programme.

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