Flame Health Blog – OT  focuses on…sustainable eyewear

OT  focuses on…sustainable eyewear

Eyewear suppliers with sustainable aims are using innovative methods to create stylish spectacles and sunglasses.

Bio-based design

So, last year, Neubau launched its 100% bio-based line of frames, made in a 3D printer from natural materials. The frames utilise natural3D, a material formed using oil extracted from the seeds of the castor oil plant.

Furthermore, from January, the eyewear brand has struck out from its parent business, Silhouette, as an independent company. Moving forwards, the company intends to focus on the premium market and resource-efficient production, aiming to embrace the idea that “high-end accessories don’t have to be incompatible with respect for people and the planet.”

Also, for 2021, the brand is focusing on ‘Changing the perspective’ with collections drawing inspiration from the four elements. The collections will include a mix of sunglasses and optical frames, crafted sustainably from materials such as the brand’s naturalPX (65% bio-based) and natural3D (100% bio-based).

Back to the roots

Eco-friendly and ethical eyewear brand, Bird Sunglasses, has launched a limited edition range of frames featuring real leaves. The ‘Pluma’ bio-acetate frame is inlaid with real leaves, “capturing a moment of nature.” The process involved in creating the frame involves 15 days to bring out the structure of a leaf using only water. After drying, the best leaves are chosen and arranged by hand in sheets of bio-acetate.

The frames are available in a choice of two colors with polarised emerald lenses or are available to fit with prescription lenses.

Speaking to OT, Bird Sunglasses founder, Ed Bird, said of the new collection: “We're passionate about reframing what matters, pioneering beautiful eyewear that makes a difference and leaves little impact on the world. Our ‘Pluma’ frame embodies a love of nature in a functional form.”

In 2020, Mr Bird was a finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards in the Entrepreneur for Good category.

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