College of Optometrists updates Guidance for Professional Practice

College of Optometrists updates Guidance for Professional Practice

The College of Optometrists has reviewed and updated its Guidance for Professional Practice. This is part of a routine update, which takes place every three years, to ensure it reflects advancements in technology, the current evidence base, new and revised legislation, and wider cultural changes.

The latest update provides clarification and stronger guidance on a zero-tolerance policy of abuse toward optometrists and practice staff, with an emphasis on employers to provide protection against this type of behavior. It includes new sections on:

The update also indicates where optometrists should look for the latest COVID-19 guidance, and links them directly to the relevant information for their nation.

The College of Optometrists’ Director of Policy and Strategy, Sarah Cant, said: “The Guidance for Professional Practice is the cornerstone of good optometric practice, across primary and secondary care. We have reviewed it to ensure that it is up-to-date and reflects current regulations and good practice guidelines so that optometrists are best supported with clinical, professional, and ethical decisions. We know that the Guidance is just as important for our members during the pandemic, so we have added links to this edition to help join up the foundations of practice with COVID-19 guidance.”

All optometrists can access the Guidance at www.college-optometrists.org/guidance. Alternatively, the Guidance is available through the College’s member app, which members can download on all Apple and Android devices. The app also features Clinical Management Guidelines with images and the Optometrists’ Formulary.

In conclusion, you can read the full article on the College of Optometrists website, by clicking here

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College of Optometrists College of Optometrists updates Guidance for Professional Practice

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