Introducing the Flame Connect Social Media Management service

Flame Connect: Social Media Management Package

We here at Flame Connect are now offering a comprehensive Social media management package as one of our many services. Handling all aspects of your social media pages, growing your following, and creating eye-catching content.

What does this mean?

Well, social media in today's society is one of the best ways to connect with your audience, advertise your products/services, and get your company image out there. What Flame Connect does is put every aspect of social media into one comprehensive package and manage all of it for you in a professional, tried, and tested way. Social media encapsulates many different aspects, this includes content creation, content curation, page creation, page management, analytics, social media shops/service pages, video creation, and paid advertising. As the email title would suggest, we handle all of this for your company. This allows you to focus on maintaining and improving your products/services while we grow your potential customer base and smoothly run your social media pages. This is tried and tested for our company and has successfully provided this service for 7 other companies, with a consistent record of growth.

What insights do Social media pages provide?

We provide you, as part of the package, a monthly report on every aspect of your social media pages. We are more than happy to provide examples of these if requested. These reports are perfect for keeping you up to date with your pages, your growth, and interaction, meaning we never leave you out of the loop with your page progress. This provides insight on customer interaction on your posts, the number of posts per page, follower increase, how paid adverts are performing, and how social shops are performing.

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Updates and Information

Furthermore, we have started the Flame Connect newsletter for you! Thanks to our newsletter you will never miss an update from us. This includes new services that we have on offer from our ever-expanding portfolio as well as offers and deals that may come up. Sign up today by clicking here to make sure you don't miss out...

Flame Connect: Connecting People and Product

Finally, our new web page is now up and running and we are very excited about it! We have been working hard on getting our website to where we want it to be for several months now. As well as an in-depth look as too who we are and what we have to offer, it is also a taster of the exceptional web design service that we now provide. Click here to visit our website today!

Other ways to connect with us

Why not check out the Flame Connect Healthcare Marketing Twitter page: here
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There is also the Flame Connect Healthcare Marketing Facebook page: here

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