Can we eliminate trachoma?

Flame Health Optometry are happy to hear the news that charity Sightsavers will lead a global health survey over the next three years.
This survey, supported by the UK Government, will assess the population distribution of people at risk of trachoma in more than 30 of the world’s poorest countries.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has pledged to eliminate the disease, which is caused by a bacterial infection and has been classified as being endemic in 53 countries across the globe, by 2020. However, for this to become a reality the scale and precise locations of where the disease is common need to be identified by 2015.
Matthew Spicer, Divisional Partner at Flame Health Optometry comments,
"It is great to see that the UK Government is supporting Sightsavers. What the WHO has pledged to do is most probably a difficult task but with the help of Sightsavers, precise locations of where the disease is common can be found. Everyone at Flame Health hopes a positive outcome can come of this work."

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