Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

Flame Health has found the results of a recent survey quite interesting!
A survey conducted by the European Centre for Environment and Human Health has found that people living on the English coast are more likely than those living inland to say they are fit and well.
Places such as Skegness and Scarborough are among the coastal towns that were linked to a ‘small but significant improvement in health’.
So what makes these coastal towns a positive impact to health? Could it be the fresh sea air and the beaches to exercise by? Flame Health would agree that long walks by the beach are very inviting!
Good news if you are a Pharmacist, Dentist or an Optometrist! Flame Health have several opportunities in Skegness and Scarborough at the moment!
Flame Health Pharmacy have an opportunity for a Pharmacist and a Pharmacy Manager in Skegness. You would be working for a leading supermarket chain who are looking for a highly motivated Pharmacist and Pharmacy Manager who want to make a difference. Both roles come with exclusive salary and benefits packages, so get in touch today!
Flame Health Optometry are also looking to speak with Optometrists in the Skegness and Scarborough area. For your hard work and enthusiasm, the company will reward you with a package that is one of the best and most comprehensive in the UK. If you are GOC registered then speak to a consultant today!
Flame Health Dentistry are wanting to speak with Associate Dentists in the Skegness area. There is a very good contract value available with 8500 UDA required per year. This position would suit an experienced dentist with NHS experience. Call Flame Health Dentistry today!
With all this talk of living by the coast, maybe Flame Health should consider relocating?!

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