Law Commission Review

The GOC has welcomed the Law Commission’s review of healthcare regulation in the UK in a consultation response released last week.
Supporting the Commission’s broad approach of a single overarching legislative framework for healthcare regulators, the proposed changes could make it easier for the GOC to introduce rule changes. Under current procedures, particularly for fitness to practise proceedings, primary legislations change can be required.
GOC chief executive and registrar, Samantha Peters, said:
“The Law Commission’s proposals have generally found an appropriate balance between flexibility and consistency. A simplified, modern and nimble legal framework will help us to respond faster and more effectively to developments in optics, regulation and wider healthcare.”
The regulator confirmed it will review its current role in regulating both students and optical businesses, with the commissioning of research into the latter sector expected in the coming months.
Ms Peters explained: “We believe that the time may be right to reassess our current role in regulating students. We’re aware that student registration imposes some significant costs on students, training providers and the GOC, and we will examine our current system with an open mind.”
She added: “How optical businesses are regulated also merits further exploration in the context of the review of our legislation.”

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