Neil Dewsbury comments on Nursing Jobs to Recruitment International

Neil Dewsbury, Divisional Partner at Flame Pharma Comments On Nursing Jobs to Recruitment International.
Neil Dewsbury comments on the report conducted by The Royal College of Nurses which warns that up to 60,000 nursing jobs could be cut in the NHS:
“We have seen a large influx of nurses trying to leave the NHS as they seek new opportunities with well run commercial entities. There seems to be a growing sense of disillusionment with the NHS, which is the reason for such an exodus. The report today only seems to confirm this.
Throughout, we are seeing more and more nurses register with us, and although a natural route for many of our nursing candidates used to be the clinical research or the pharmaceutical sector, we are also increasingly seeing nurses move into the cosmetic surgery industry.
The commercial sector and commercial organisations can certainly offer increased salaries and more desirable hours. This combined with the NHS cuts to nursing we have witnessed so far and this latest damning report by the Royal College of Nursing, makes us realise there is little wonder that nurses seem to be increasingly migrating into these types of roles.”

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