Are MURs wasteful?

As a pharmacist, do you think that MURs are a wasteful subsidy?
The TaxPayers’ Alliance has commented this week stating that the service is a £67 million "wasteful subsidy to Pharmacists". However the Department of Health has strongly defended MURs, claiming that the TaxPayers’ Alliance report was based on limited research.
Clare Brazill, Divisional Partner at Flame Health Pharmacy comments,
"It is sad to hear that the Tax Payers’ Alliance has come to this conclusion on possible limited research. MURs are valuable to the industry. They are about helping patients to take their medicine as intended, taking pressure off of GPs. Over recent years, Pharmacies are becoming more popular in helping the public over their GPs and we see this as a good thing. If the amount paid for MURs decreases then we believe that hospital and GP pressures will increase, which is something we do not need."

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